Honest, Hardworking, Men’s Apparel. Classic styling, premium fabrics and great workmanship. Clothing made with integrity. Authenticity with a modern twist.

Honest, Hardworking, Men’s Apparel.

“…classic styling, premium fabrics and great workmanship…Clothing with integrity”

three over one…the number of weft yarns that the warp yarn passes over (3) and under (1) during the weaving process to construct a denim fabric.

An appreciation of the elegance, workmanship and attitudes of the past but with a modern outlook.
A true love of men’s apparel, always striving to produce the best and most desirable garments.
Understanding and valuing our customer, treating them as part of our extended family. All business is conducted with honesty and integrity with passion and fun

Design, fabrication and manufacture are influenced from an appreciation of the style and workmanship of the past.
Authenticity but with a modern twist. Collections have a rugged relaxed elegance, focusing on the detail.
Always the best quality fabrics and trims. Durable, functional and versatile. Each garment has an identity and a story to tell. Timeless.