GKERO is the signature of Giselle Kérozène, a young French punk rock singer and multi-talented artist who enjoys various forms of self- expression. Designing both women's and unisex tshirts, all are made from combed, finely woven cotton. They are very soft and smooth and are bio-wash finished.

Like Cocteau, the famous French filmmaker who also painted and wove tapestry, Giselle refuses to specialise in one artistic discipline. Art is a form of self-expression and one need not be restricted to one artistic genre, as long as you devote enough time and talent in order to develop it.

“The White Collection”  are off-white T-shirts printed with some of GKERO’s trademark drawings. The T-shirts are all raw cut and made with soft, high-quality cotton.

“The Animal Collection” are original prints painted by GKero, to interpret wild animals using her unique artistic abilities.

The prints are high quality water ink and deeply resistant. They are unnoticeable when touched and washing machine resistant. Some drawings are printed with discharge technic.