Since its origin in the 80s, HUMANOID has always chosen its own course: independent, strong, uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend.

HUMANOID has the conviction that only the best natural materials and elaborate attention to detail create the finest collections.

Quirky, natural fabrics make HUMANOID’s apparel and accessories come alive.

At ATELIERS HUMANOID designers truly work together, building on each other’s expertise, focus and inspiration. Each piece is initially handmade by our designers: its worn and washed, tossed it in a corner and customised.

By staying close to what it believes in, HUMANOID has become an international brand. Sold in more than 25 countries from New York to Amsterdam, from Tokyo to Hamburg, from Sydney to Milan.

HUMANOID welcomes women who love comfort and luxury, women who are used to making their own decisions, stylish people who make life special.