POMANDERE ... Made in Italy … with creativity and elegant sobriety, Pomandére uses experience, taste, and skills cultivated from past generations in a family atelier within an historic district of the Italian fashion industry.

Rigor and fluidity, androgyny and femininity … Pomandére creates for the modern world, with roots from a rich Italian artisan and tailoring tradition … always aiming for perfection of workmanship at the highest sartorial level.

Pomandére loves and respects the environment, and since day one, has focused on a commitment to create and develop the most sustainable business … always aware of the impact of processes and products.

Founded in 2008, Carlo Zanuso is the creative heart of this beautiful Italian brand. His inspiration may start from an simple embroidery, or from the perfect round shape of a button … but always embodies the key elements of classic Italian tailoring, combined with an obsessive dedication to the creation of the garment.